The Advantages of Timber Framed Homes & Timber frame houses Turkey

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The Advantages of Timber Framed Homes & Timber frame houses Turkey

Timber framed homes in TurkeyThe initial advantage of building a timber frame home is the speed of construction. Anyone who has bought a traditionally built off plan property will know there is often a long wait before completion finally takes place.

With a build time of just a few weeks for the external walls and roof, and the completion of timber framed homes is usually within three months, so this alternative building method is perfect for those who have sold up at home and require a quick completion on a totally new home here in Turkey.

Each project is shipped over to Turkey, along with the builders who erect the main structure. The larger the project, the more skilled builders, enabling the main structure to be up and weatherproof within a couple of weeks. Once the basis of your timber frame home in Turkey is constructed, our local builders can commence with the internal and external work immediately, speeding up construction time.

Being a technologically advanced method of construction, Timber frame buildings are well known for their ‘Green features´. With concrete and steel known to be a high pollutant factor with each ton producing the equivalent weight in CO2, you know your timber framed home will be kinder to the environment.

Another advantage of a timber frame house construction is their outstanding thermal efficiency due to the walls being extremely well insulated. Some of the coldest countries in the world use timber frame construction in their homes, and although Turkey is not one of them, anyone who has spent a winter here will know how very cold it can be at night – it is often warmer outside than indoors! Turkish housing is built to keep the heat out, great in summer but not so beneficial in winter. Central heating or hot air conditioning costs can be high, and at least 50% of the heat generated goes straight out through the walls. A thermally efficient property is much cheaper to heat than a traditional construction here in Turkey.

timber frame homes in Turkey, cheaper than traditional buildsTheir design ensures that the opposite is not true in high season. Timber framed houses in Turkey. are also cool in the high temperatures of summer.

Another benefit of its insulation features, is that it serves to reduce noise levels. Many people are kept awake at night in Turkey due to barking dogs and mopeds!

On top of all this, the flexibility of a Timber frame construction is second to none. Our builders work together with the client to design the layout, as virtually every aspect of the construction can be changed to suit. With many basic designs, styles and sizes to choose from, every client can achieve his/her perfect home in Turkey.

The advantages of a timber frame home are therefore many. We invite anyone who may be visiting Turkey, to come and meet us, discuss any ‘technical’ queries with the builder and have a look at one of our houses.
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